Funding Options

Full-time Non-Advanced Students

There are two main funds which provide non-advanced student assistance with living expenses. These are the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) for students who are under the age of 18 years at the official start date of their course and the Further Education Bursary Fund for all other students at non-advanced level.

Students who are under 18 years at the official start date of their course, provided they meet the residency criteria and submit a funding application are eligible for course expenses and travel (provided they live more than 2 miles from the campus they are studying at) irrespective of parental income. For students who are 18 years or older course expenses and travel will be assessed against parental/partner/students income.

To check the status or start your application please click here.

Full-time Advanced Students

If you are starting a HNC/HND/Degree course you can apply to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland ( for financial support.

In general, support is available for one full time HNC, HND and Degree. If you have already received funding through SAAS for a course at any of these levels please contact SAAS or Student Services to discuss your eligibility or funding options.

Note: Students who have previously completed a higher education course can still apply for the student loan even if not eligible to apply for fees.


Apply for this through the childcare tab on the funding application. Please remember your childcare provider must be registered with the Care Inspectorate. The College cannot assist with non-registered childcare. Childcare funding is means tested and paid direct to the childcare provider. Please note that you cannot apply for both Childcare and Housing assistance.


If you have a commitment to pay housing costs (your name must be on the lease/mortgage) you may be eligible for help with housing costs. This assistance is means tested and paid direct to the student. You can apply for this through the housing tab on the funding application. Please note that some students can still claim housing benefit and therefore will be asked to claim housing benefit instead.

Financial Assistance

The College has access to a small fund that can help students who may find themselves in extreme hardship while they are a student. If you feel this is the case once you have started your course please arrange to see a member of Student Services Team through the Advice Centre at your campus. The staff will help you to complete an online form to apply for a one off award. Staff will also check that you have applied for all your funding and if there is any other type of support that could help your particular circumstances.

Further details can be found on all our funding options by clicking HERE

Please note that all of our funds are cash limited and can close if the funds are over- subscribed.