Freshers’ Fair

Year on year, the Learner Engagement Team hosts 3 BIG Freshers’ events at each campus with live music, pizza, inflatables, promotions, support services, community and business partners, volunteer and work placements!  

Unfortunately, Freshers’ 2020 will look very different as the College adheres to social distancing and safety rules, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We may not have inflatables and pizza for you, but we will try our best to keep Freshers’ fun and engaging by hosting the events on Facebook, in partnership with our Students’ Association.  We will still have music; our community partners will join in or send in videos; we will have mocktail and pizza-making live sessions and we will have even more freebies and giveaways! 

We want to give our students every chance possible to meet new people, have new opportunities and have fun! 

To join us for Freshers’ 2020, please follow the Learner Engagement Team and Students’ Association on Facebook:


Dundee and Angus College Students’ Association